Arkansas Roommate Agreement


An Arkansas roommate agreement is a one (1) page form completed between tenants living in the same rented property. Much like a typical lease agreement between a landlord and tenant, the contract lays out when the roommates are required to make payments, what percentage of the utilities they will cover, guest policies, rules regarding pets, and many other conditions which can be specific to the situation. The landlord is typically absent from any of the conditions contained within the agreement – if conflict were to arise between the tenants, it is up to them to come to terms and resolve the situation on their own.

This type of agreement can also be used for university and college students attending school in Arkansas. The form gives students housed in the same dorm (or campus apartment) a way to encourage harmony between each other. Fields that don’t apply can be left blank or crossed out.

Although short, the agreement covers a comprehensive amount of information and topics including:

  • Shared utilities (i.e. gas, electric, water/trash, cable, internet, lawn care, etc.);
  • Payment details for moving out;
  • Guest policy;
  • Quiet time;
  • Pet information;
  • Personal property rules; and
  • Roommate signatures (and the signing dates).