Arizona Roommate Agreement

The Arizona Roommate Agreement is a document used to ensure cordiality between co-tenants living within the same rental. The fillable form goes over many specific areas oftentimes not included in the main lease agreement, such as cleaning, guests, and utility payments, to name a few. Requiring the roommates to sign the agreement is not necessary for the roommate agreement, as it is unlikely a roommate will use the form in a court of law. However, if the form will be used to establish the rent amount/utilities each roommate is required to pay for, signing the form is recommended.

The form can be used for up to three (3) tenants. If there are more than three living in the rental, more spaces can be added by editing the form with the Word version. In addition to providing spaces for the roommates to write specific rules, the form contains recommended questions to form rules upon, such as “Will parties be allowed? If so, when and how big?” and “Whose name will be on the bills?” to name a few.

University Roommate Contract

University (college) roommate agreements are designed to allow students to hash out rules regarding quiet hours, guests, music, alcohol, and other subjects, roommates can avoid unintentionally upsetting their fellow student roommate(s). To complete the agreement, the students housed in the room can either jointly fill-out one (1) document or complete their own and reconvene to draft a single agreement.

The University of Arizona Roommate Agreement – Adobe PDF (.pdf)