California Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

The California Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is a rental document that automatically renews on a thirty (30) day basis and does not contain an official end-date. It often attracts tenants that are unsure of the amount of time they will be spending in an area, or who are looking to spend time seasonally in the state. So long neither the lessor (landlord) or lessees (tenants) terminate the contract and rent payments are continually made by the lessee(s), the lease will remain in effect. Although thirty (30) days is the standard notice required by law, landlords can specify a different notice (so long it is not shorter than thirty days). Short term leases such as this are popular for use in AirBNB rentals, where tenants rarely spend longer than one (1) month in a rental unit.

State Laws

Statute: § 1946

Required Notice to Terminate: Thirty (30) days written notice provided by either party.

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