Connecticut Standard Residential Lease Agreement

The Connecticut Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a legal document that keeps a lessor and their lessees responsible for the terms and conditions they agreed to follow when negotiating the specifics surrounding the leasing of a property. The document contains a list of several conditions created by the landlord, such as who pays for what utilities, when rent is due, the cost of the rent, and other requirements both the landlord and tenants will be required to follow. Connecticut law mandates that the maximum chargeable security deposit be equivalent to two (2) months of rent, and only one (1) month of rent if the tenant is over sixty-two (62) years of age. After the tenant has moved out of the property, the landlord has thirty (30) days to return the security deposit (or remainder thereof) to the tenant.

Leasing Handbooks + Laws

Connecticut Lease Handbooks – 1) Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities 2) Evictions

Lease Laws – Title 47a Chapter 830 – 834