Kansas Rental Application


The Kansas Rental Application is a property management form used to gather comprehensive information on individuals that apply to lease a residential rental dwelling. In addition to issuing the form to prospective renters, it is suggested that landlords require an application before accepting completed applications. Although Kansas law does not limit landlords on what they can charge for deposits, it is recommended that the deposit be only used to cover the actual cost of running screening reports. Fees typically fall between thirty and fifty dollars ($30 – $50). Charging a fee serves two (2) purposes: 1) it covers the cost of running reports, and 2) it encourages only those that are truly interested in renting apply (as the deposit can be made non-refundable).

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: None. Landlords and property owners are free to charge any amount they believe is reasonable.

Maximum Security Deposits (§ 58-2550): In accordance with Kansas lease law, the following are the situations that garner charging tenants differing security deposit amounts:

  • Standard: One (1) months’ rent.
  • Furnished rental: One and a half (1.5) months’ rent.
  • Pets: An additional half (.5) months’ rent.

If a rental is furnished and the tenant has a pet, landlords can charge a maximum of two (2) months’ rent.

Returning Security Deposits: Landlords have thirty (30) days to return the remainder of the security deposit (or the full amount if no deductions). If a portion of the deposit will be kept, the landlord needs to provide the tenant with a list of damages.

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