Kansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement


The Kansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a form used in property management to legally secure a tenant into a rental, requiring them to make payments and follow all terms and conditions until the lease’s end. Without a lease, the tenant would have no reason to stay in the property, potentially allowing them to vacate at any time. With the lease, the landlord is given increased financial security and legal backing in the event the tenant breaches the contract. Residential leases stay in effect for an average duration of one (1) year, although other time lengths can be negotiated and incorporated into the contract.

Tenant Screening: Kansas Rental Application

State Laws

Laws: §§ 58-2501 to 58-25-127

Maximum Security Deposit (§ 58-2550(a)): For unfurnished units, one (1) months’ rent. For furnished units, one and a half (1.5) months’ rent can be charged. Pets can warrant an additional deposit on top of the original security deposit.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 58-2550(b)): landlords have fourteen (14) days to determine what deductions will be made from the deposit, and have to return the deposit within thirty (30) days after the tenant(s) have vacated the premises. If the tenant does not make a request for the deposit within the thirty (30) days, the landlord is required to send the deposit to the last known address of the tenant.

Permitted Deductions (§ 58-2550(b)):

  • Damages caused by the tenant breaching a condition of the contract, and
  • To remedy any unpaid rent.