Kentucky Rental Application


A Kentucky Rental Application is a form given to individuals who are interested in renting an available unit to gather information on them for the purpose of determining if they should be allowed to begin renting. Their history as a tenant, current income, criminal record, currently-owned vehicles, and information on who will be living with them are just a few of the topics covered with the form. It is ultimately up to the landlord if the tenant will be accepted – however, the landlord can only make decisions based on things within the tenants’ control; they can’t judge an applicant based on their race, family makeup, age, disability, gender, and nationality. Doing so would be in breach of the Federal Fair Housing Act, which was created to give universal protections for renters.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No limits and is non-refundable.

Security Deposits (§ 383.580): Kentucky law does not restrict what can be charged for security deposits. Landlords have to keep security deposits for a minimum of sixty (60) days after the tenant vacates the property. If they do not receive an address to send the deposit within that time, they may keep it. In the case that the tenant vacates the property while owing rent and doesn’t make a request for the deposit, the landlord has to wait a minimum of thirty (30) days before they can apply the deposit to unpaid rent or other tenant-caused debts.

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