Maryland Rental Application


The Maryland Rental Application gives landlords a complete solution for finding quality tenants to lease their rental properties. The form is approved by the Equal Housing Opportunity, which guarantees that the form refrains from asking questions relating to an applicant’s race, skin color, nationality, and gender, for example. This is important as landlords are required by law to avoid asking questions that are out of an applicant’s control and/or do not relate to their quality as a tenant. Compiling thorough information on the background of an applicant is essential for determining if they would make a suitable renter – this is done by running a series of credit, background, and criminal checks through the use of third (3rd) party tenant screening services.

State Laws

Maximum Rental Application: Landlords cannot charge more than $25 for rental applications. If more is charged, they must reimburse the applicant with the amount that wasn’t used in the application process.

Security Deposits (§ 8-203): Landlords are restricted from requiring more than two (2) months for security deposits. In the case the landlord does unlawfully charge a greater amount than two (2) months’ rent, the tenant may be entitled to receive up to three (3) times the extra amount charged in addition to the cost of attorney’s fees. After the lease has ended, landlords have a total of forty-five (45) days to return the security deposit. Tenants have the right to receive interest on their deposit equal to 1.5% each year, or the treasury yield curve rate, whichever amount is greater.

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