Maine Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

The Maine Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is a method of short-term renting where the tenant rents in increments of one (1) month. The lease is unique in that it has no set end-date; with a requirement of only thirty (30) days notice required by law, either the lessor or lessee can terminate the agreement (as per § 6002). If the landlord is looking to raise the rent, he or she must provide at least forty-five (45) days of notice before doing so, according to § 6015. If a landlord is looking for a lease contract that does have a set end date, a standard one (1) year lease should be used.

Maximum Security Deposit (§ 6032): Two (2) month’s rent.

Laws: Ch. 709 § 6002 “Tenancy at will”

Additional Considerations

Terminating with seven (7) days’ notice: In special circumstances, the landlord can revoke a monthly-renewing lease with written notice of only seven (7) days so long one (1) of the following hold true:

  1. The tenant (or another party known by the tenant), has caused substantial unrepaired damage to the rental.
  2. The tenant, the tenant’s family, or someone known by the tenant or one of their guests caused or allowed a “nuisance within the premises,” caused the property to be unfit for living, or violated the law as stated in the rental contract.
  3. The tenant has gone seven (7) or more days past their payment due date.
  4. The tenant has done any of the following in regards to another tenant: domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault.
  5. The tenant or their guest has done any of the offenses as described in point four (4) to a tenant, a guest of the tenant, an employee/agent of the landlord, or the landlord themselves. Note: The section does not apply if the perpetrator of the offense is a victim themselves (as described in § 6000).
  6. The person that is living in the rental is not permitted to reside there.

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