Maine Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


The Maine Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is a form used for renting out property on a one (1) month basis with no set end date. Unlike a more standard lease, the contract can be terminated at any time, so long notice of thirty (30) days is provided by either party. If the landlord is looking to raise the rent, he or she must provide at least forty-five (45) days of notice prior to the next payment due date before doing so, per § 6015.

In Maine, monthly leases are commonly used by homeowners to lease summer homes and other types of property that the owners, themselves, will be living in for part of the year. It’s important that those intending on using the form understand that many monthly renters cancel their leases before/during winter. If this could pose a problem for a landlord, using a standard one (1) year lease may be the best course of action.

State Laws

Statute: § 6002

Required Notice to Terminate: Thirty (30) days.

Terminating with 7 Days’ Notice

In special circumstances, the landlord can revoke a monthly-renewing lease with written notice of only seven (7) days, so long one of the following hold true:

  1. The tenant (or another party known by the tenant), has caused substantial damage to the rental.
  2. The tenant, the tenant’s family, or someone known by the tenant or one of their guests caused or allowed a “nuisance within the premises,” caused the property to be unfit for living, or violated the law as stated in the rental contract.
  3. The tenant has gone seven (7) or more days past their payment due date.
  4. The tenant has done any of the following in regards to another tenant: domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault.
  5. The tenant or their guest has done any of the offenses as described in point four (4) to a tenant, a guest of the tenant, an employee/agent of the landlord, or the landlord themselves. Note: The section does not apply if the perpetrator of the offense is a victim themselves (as described in § 6000).
  6. The person that is living in the rental is not permitted to reside there.

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