Minnesota Month-to-Month Rental Agreement


The Minnesota Month to Month Rental Agreement is a form used to rent property to lessees (renters) on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, the lease renews automatically. It will continue to renew until the lessor (landlord) or lessee(s) terminate the contract with a notice of one (1) month. Other than the short-term nature of the agreement, it is very similar to standard yearly leases.

According to Minnesota landlord-tenant statutes, either party can terminate the contract with only one (1) month notice (the length of time between payments). If payments are made in increments longer than every three (3) months, a maximum of three (3) months’ notice must be given.

State Laws

Statute: § 504B.135

Required Notice to Terminate: Either party needs to provide the other with a notice of one (1) month prior to formally ending the agreement. The notice needs to be in writing. If the tenant stops making rent payments, landlords can end the tenancy with only fourteen (14) days’ notice (regardless of the time between payments).

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