North Dakota Rental Application


The North Dakota Rental Application is a standardized tool used by those that own and/or manage rental units within the state of North Dakota to sort through applications from persons looking to lease an available rental. Generally, there are two (2) ways landlords can go about distributing applications. They can 1) request an application fee upfront, or 2) request the fee after going through the initial application. The first choice is recommended, as requiring applicants to pay the fee prevents people that are not truly interested in renting from applying.

The document collects information regarding several aspects of an applicant’s life, including their criminal history, income, credit score, and renting history. It is very important landlords conform to the requirements of the Federal Fair Housing Act, which prevents them from asking (and making decisions) based upon a prospective tenant’s race, family makeup, nationality, or age, to name a few.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: None per NM Ch. 47-16.

Security Deposits (§ 47-16-07.1): Landlords cannot collect more than one (1) months’ rent for deposits. If a tenant has one (1) or more pets that are not service animals, the landlord can charge an additional two (2) months’ rent, or $2500; whichever amount is greater. Deposits must be returned within thirty (30) days after the lease ends.

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