North Dakota Standard Residential Lease Agreement


The North Dakota Standard Residential Lease Agreement is an official template that explains the rights and responsibilities of those living within a rental property (the tenants), and the landlord or property manager. The contract is signed by the parties following a series of tenant screening procedures which are used to determine if the tenant makes a good fit for the vacant unit. Topics covered with the contract include those that relate to the term of the contract, what utilities the tenant and landlord are responsible for, and rules on pets, to name a few.

Being a template, the document is meant to be edited to fit the renter’s needs; however, the document contains the base sections found in most leases and fully complies with the state’s leasing laws, meaning it can be used as-is.

Tenant Screening: North Dakota Rental Application

State Laws

Laws: Ch. 47-16 “Leasing of Real Property”

Maximum Security Deposit (§ 47-16-07.1(1)): One (1) months’ rent. For tenants with felony convictions, landlords can charge up to two (2) months’ for security deposits.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 47-16-07.1(3)): Upon the termination of the lease (and after the tenant(s) have vacated the premises), landlords need to return the security deposits within thirty (30) days.

Permitted Uses of the Deposit (§ 47-16-07.1(3)): Landlords can only use security deposits to cover three (3) things:

  1. Cleaning costs and other repairs that were originally the responsibility of the lessee, and that are necessary to return the rental unit to its original state (when the tenant initially moved in). Normal wear and tear excluded.
  2. Unpaid rent.
  3. To repair any damages that were either caused by a tenant’s pet or the negligence of the tenant (or their guest).