Nevada Rental Application


The Nevada Rental Application is a screening tool that offers property managers with a detailed overview of a person interested in entering into a binding lease. Being the first line of defense landlords can take in preventing undesirable tenants from living in their rental unit(s), it contains highly detailed questions that cover a wide range of topics ranging from the applicant’s income to the vehicles they own, and everything in between.

To effectively use the form, property managers should start by listing any answers to the application that are an immediate disqualification from renting a property, followed by answers that are rated progressively from poor to strong. By doing this, landlords can easily compare all applications to see which prospect would serve as the best tenant.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No limits established by NV law.

Security Deposits (§ 118A.242): Nevada law states that landlords cannot collect more than three (3) months’ rent for a security deposit. After a lease has ended, landlords have a maximum of thirty (30) days to return all (or a portion of) the security deposit. If the landlord does not do so within thirty (30) days, they are liable for all damages.

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