Pennsylvania Month to Month Lease Agreement


The Pennsylvania Month-to-Month Lease Agreement, also known as a “Tenancy at Will,” is a type of property management document that is used for leasing rental properties on a monthly basis. Unlike standard leases that go on for an average of one (1) year, monthly leases extend indefinitely until either party terminates the agreement by giving delivering a written notice to the other party. Unlike the majority of states, Pennsylvania requires far less notice for ending a monthly lease. Per 250.501, either party can end the contract by providing a notice of only fifteen (15) days prior to the next rental payment.

In the state, landlords and property owners commonly properties by the month that they intend to live in personally for part of the year. Another common reason landlords opt for a monthly lease over a yearly lease is due to the higher rent that can be charged. Landlords can charge more rent due to the increased liability they face with having a vacant unit, which is high due to the reasons people commonly choose monthly leases.

State Laws

Statute: § 250.501

Required Notice to Terminate: Fifteen (15) days for month-to-month tenancies (and tenancies under one (1) year); thirty (30) days for tenancies over one (1) year in length.

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