South Carolina Month-to-Month Rental Agreement


Download the South Carolina Month-to-Month Rental Agreement to lease to renters on an ongoing basis without a set termination date. Commonly used in situations where a one (1) year contract is impractical, the yearly lease allows either party (lessee(s) or lessor) to end the contract by delivering a written “notice to quit” to the other party. Per state law, the notice has to be delivered a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the end of the month (or prior to the next rent payment due date).

Like other types of lease agreements, the form covers the main topics necessary to rent an apartment, unit, or home. These conditions include the landlord and tenant’s respective responsibilities in regards to house guests, security deposits, possession of the premises, late charges, subletting, maintenance, entry, and more.

State Laws

Statute: § 27-40-770

Required Notice to Terminate: Week-to-week tenancies – seven (7) days’ notice. Month-to-month tenancies – thirty (30) days.

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