South Carolina Rental Application


The South Carolina Rental Application is the official form for identifying individuals landlords believe would make trusted, good quality tenants once moved into a residential rental. Using a consistent, straightforward method of tenant screening is essential for ensuring a real estate business is a successful one. Vetting candidates should be done methodically and with as little emotion as possible. To do this, landlords should avoid making decisions based on “gut decisions” – instead, create a list of answers that, if answered by an applicant, automatically deny (or accept) them as a tenant.

Whether or not the landlord will inform the applicant about the contents of the application, the landlord should know what they are requesting. The form requests the following type of information:

  • Previous address(es) and the property owner(s)/landlord(s)
  • Motor vehicle(s)
  • Information on employment and financial status
  • Spouse’s employment and financial info (if applicable)
  • Credit references

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No fee limits are imposed by state law. Fees are non-refundable.

Security Deposits (§ 27-40-410): Like application fees, there is no limit as to what tenants can be required to pay for security deposits. At the end of a lease, the landlord has thirty (30) days to return the security deposit. If any deductions from the deposit will be made, a written notice specifying the expenses must be stated within the thirty (30) days.

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