South Dakota Rental Application


The South Dakota Rental Application is a document central to the tenant-screening process; it is given to tenants who show a legitimate interest in renting a residential unit to help determine if the applicant would make a good tenant. Finding a tenant that respects the property and nearby tenants, pays rent on time, and follows all conditions included in the lease is every landlord’s goal. While an application may not be 100% effective in finding said tenants, it, in combination with background checks, can go a long way towards finding suitable tenants. Additionally, the use of an application makes the entire process more efficient; this is especially so if the landlord makes a set of criteria for comparing each application. By comparing against a set of criteria, landlords remove a great deal of emotion into the decision-making process, giving applicants a fair, nondiscriminatory shot at renting a home, apartment, or room.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: SD law does not contain restrict landlords on what they can charge for application fees. The fee charged should only amount to the cost of running the screening checks.

Security Deposits (§ 43-32-6.1): Property owners/managers can charge tenants up to one (1) months’ rent for security deposits. In cases where the property is prone to needing exceptionally costly maintenance, the parties can agree on a security deposit of a greater amount.

Landlord-Tenant Guide: The South Dakota Office of Attorney General provides a guide explaining the leasing laws in the state, as well as the rights afforded to both landlords and tenants. The guide can be found here: Landlord-Tenant Rights & Responsibilities.

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