Texas Standard Residential Lease Agreement

The Texas Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a contract formed between a lessor (owner or manager of a property) and lessee (living in the property), that provides both parties with a legally-binding guide regarding rental payments, the security deposit, guests, utilities, required conditions, and several more important topics. Being an official state-specific form, it can be used as-is, although changes can be made by landlords so long the form still complies with state landl0rd-tenant laws. For both parties, it is important to know that Texas leans heavily towards landlords in their rental laws, which is demonstrated (in one instance) by their eviction laws, which give landlords the right to evict a tenant for breaching the contract in almost any manner.

Tenant Screening: Texas Residential Lease Application

State Laws & Security Deposits

Laws: Texas Property Code Ch. 92

Maximum Security Deposit – Texas state law is silent on the matter of the maximum amount a landlord can demand as a security deposit. In the interest of fairness, they should make this amount reasonable e.g. the equivalent of one (1) month’s rent.

Eviction Notice for Non-payment of Rent (§ 24.005): Upon receiving notice, tenants have three (3) days to either pay the outstanding rent or move out of the property.

Apartment Lease Contract

Texas Apartment Lease Contract.pdf – Created by the Texas Apartment Association, this eight (8) page document includes all-encompassing sections that cover every aspect of apartment leasing in the state. Additionally, it contains the necessary conditions to ensure the form complies with the state’s lease laws.

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