Texas Residential Lease Application


Download the Texas Residential Lease Application (“Rental Application”) to identify tenants that qualify for renting a home or apartment for the short or long term. When accepting applications for a vacant rental, landlords need to offer the same experience for every applicant – the best way of achieving this is by comparing each application against set criteria. Things such as a minimum credit score, no previous evictions, and strong references are standard screening criteria used by landlords.

Included in the four (4) page packet is an “authorization for information release” regarding the information the applicant writes in the form. Although it is not a legal requirement, having the tenant complete the waiver ensures the landlord is covered from liability in the situation an applicant becomes troubled by the standard screening process. Once completed, the waiver permits the landlord to obtain information regarding their credit report, as well as the applicant’s:

  • Past employers
  • Prior landlords
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Banks/credit unions

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No limit. Landlords are free to charge any application fee they deem reasonable. Fees charged are typically between $20 and $35.

Security Deposits: Like rental application fees, in accordance with Texas statutes, landlords are not bound by the amount of security deposit they can request tenants.

Guide to Texas Laws: To give landlords a better understanding of the rights tenants are afforded, download the Tenant’s Rights Handbook, a guide created in conjunction with the State Bar of Texas and the Young Lawyer’s Association.

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