Utah Standard Residential Lease Agreement


The Utah Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a written contract that legally binds one or more tenants to a set of landlord-created conditions that stay in effect for the duration of the lease. The form contains over thirty (30) conditions that cover topics ranging from rent, the contract’s term, use of the property, right of entry, subletting, utilities, abandonment, pets, and more.

The form, in addition to being thorough, is fully compliant with Utah’s real estate laws, which requires landlords to provide tenants with a Lead Disclosure, information on trash removal, and info regarding domestic violence situations. Once signed by both the renter(s) and landlord, it is their responsibility to uphold every requirement outlined in the lease until it’s expiration.

Tenant Screening: Utah Rental Application

State Laws

Laws: Utah Code, Title 57, “Real Estate”

Maximum Security Deposit: In Utah, landlords are not required to follow any state-mandated requirements for a maximum security deposit. In an effort to establish a strong relationship with their tenant(s), the amount requested should be reasonable and affordable.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 57-17-3): Landlords are required to return deposits to tenants in the latter of the following timeframes:

  • After the standard termination of the lease: thirty (30) days;
  • After receiving the tenants’ new mailing address: fifteen (15) days.

Required Notice before Entry (§ 57-22-4): Unless specified in the lease, landlords have to provide tenants a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours of notice prior to entering the rental.