Utah Rental Application


The Utah Rental Application is used for creating a complete picture of a rental applicant’s background, for the purpose of determining whether they should be permitted to enter into a formal lease with a landlord. By going about the screening process in an organized, routine, and thorough manner, landlords can go a long way in avoiding the likelihood that their tenants breach their lease agreement by missing rent, damaging the rental unit, or disturbing neighboring and nearby tenants.

The form is broken up into eight (8) sections, which include:

  • Applicant’s contact information
  • Details regarding their previous rental/address
  • Past employer info
  • Bank details
  • Emergency contact
  • Info regarding vehicle(s)
  • Rental/criminal questions
  • Signature

If the landlord needs to screen for additional criteria, the form can be edited to allow for such.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: No limit in place; it is up to the property manager’s discretion to price application fees as they see necessary.

Security Deposits: Under Utah law, there is no restriction on what can be requested for security deposits.

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