Wisconsin Rental Application


The Wisconsin Rental Application is an official form provided by the state’s Realtors Association for verifying applicants are worthy of leasing a residential property. The official form only includes fields that property managers and landlords are permitted to screen for, as prohibited by the Federal Fair Housing Act for ensuring discrimination doesn’t occur. The form should be given after a landlord receives a request by a person that shows an authentic interest in renting the property. Once the applicant receives the form, they will need to write/enter detailed information, of which includes their contact information, the names of the other people that will be living in the rental (if any), a list of references, and their employment history and income. They will then need to sign the form, which by doing so gives their affirmation that all the information provided is honest and true.

Once an applicant is approved, the landlord and tenant will need to sign a lease agreement.

Application Fees

Screening Requirements

Laws: § 704.085 “Credit and Background Checks”

The individual screening the prospective tenant needs to comply with the following as per state law:


  • Notify the applicant of the charge before running the credit check & provide them with a copy of the report.
  • If the applicant gives the landlord a legit credit background check (that was run by a consumer credit reporting agency), and it is under thirty (30) days old, the landlord CANNOT charge the applicant for the cost of the credit check.


  • Must notify the applicant before requesting the report.
  • Provide the applicant with a copy of the background check.

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