Wisconsin Residential Rental Contract

The Wisconsin Residential Rental Contract is a contract that stipulates legally-binding guidelines that a landlord and tenant must follow for the entirety of its duration. With a range of matters covered, from rent payments (e.g. how much must be paid and when it is due) to the landlord’s policy on pets (e.g. whether they are or are not permitted), it is the responsibility of both parties to familiarize themselves with the contract’s terms so that they will not encounter any difficulties upholding them.


State Laws & Maximum Security Deposit

State Laws Chapter 704, “Landlord and Tenant”

Maximum Security Deposit – A landlord may set a security deposit amount of his or her choosing as state law does not mandate an upper limit. That being said, they should select an amount that is reasonable for the tenant to pay, such as the equivalent of one (1) whole month’s rent.