West Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


The West Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is a form used for binding lessees into a periodic tenancy, in which the lease exists for one (1) month at a time. Unlike yearly leases, the monthly lease does not bind renters into an obligation to make rental payments, rather only requires them to make a minimum of one (1) additional rental payment after giving notice of their intent to end the lease.

Although the lease type is considerably less binding than others, it still falls under the laws and regulations established by the state’s Landlord and Tenant Act. One important section is § 55-248.37, which mandates the amount of notice that must be given to terminate periodic tenancies, which is thirty (30) days. To terminate the contract, the parties should use a termination notice. This can be drafted on their own or completed via form-filling sites such as eForms.

State Laws

Statute: § 55-248.37

Required Notice to Terminate: Weekly tenancies – seven (7) days; Monthly tenancies – thirty (30) days.

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