Wyoming Standard Residential Lease Agreement


The Wyoming Standard Residential Lease Agreement establishes the terms and conditions regarding the leasing of a rental property. It complies with the state’s rental laws by including all necessary disclosures and conditions.

The subjects included in the form relate to the different facets of renting a house to a tenant, such as when the lease will start and terminate, what property will be rented, how much monthly rent will be charged, how utilities are to be handled, rules regarding guests and parking, and consequences the tenant can face for breaching a condition of the contract. Beyond the scope of the agreement, both parties must uphold certain duties mandated by state law.

Tenant Screening: Wyoming Rental Application

State Laws

Laws: Title 1, Chapter 21, Article 12, “Residential Rental Property”

Maximum Security Deposit: State law does not impose an upper limit on the amount a landlord may charge as a security deposit. In such cases, it is generally advised that the amount be set at one (1) month’s rent equivalent. Situations that garner requesting a larger deposit include:

  • The tenant(s) pose greater liability than normal,
  • The tenant(s) have one or more pets, and/or
  • The property is furnished.

Returning Security Deposits (§ 1-21-1208): Upon the lease’s termination, landlords have thirty (30) days to return deposits or fifteen (15) days following the receipt of the tenant’s new mailing address (whichever is later). If the tenant(s) damage the property (beyond typical wear and tear), the landlord has an additional thirty (30) days to return the deposit.

Permitted Use of the Deposit (§ 1-21-1208(a)): There are four (4) types of deductions landlords can make from security deposits. They are:

  1. To cover unpaid rent;
  2. Cleaning costs;
  3. Damage to the rental (beyond normal wear and tear); and
  4. “To other costs provided by any contract”