Wyoming Rental Application


The Wyoming Rental Application is a form at the center of the screening process, responsible for gathering information on those interested in renting a residential property on a short or long term basis. The form not only benefits landlords due to the increased organization they bring, but they help tenants in that they offer them fair, discrimination-free means of leasing a rental they love.

Landlords that do not utilize a consistent screening process to vet prospective tenants often miss out on several red flags that may not be obvious at first. Tenant interviews may paint the applicant as an incredible renter, whereas questionable credit background checks, poor landlord references, and one (1) or more past evictions may unveil a prospect who is too risky to enter into a lease contract.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: Wyoming law does not have restrictions in place for the amount property managers can charge for applications. Furthermore, landlords do not need to reimburse applicants for the cost of applying in the event they are denied.

Security Deposits (§ 1-21-1208): No limit. At the termination of the agreement, the landlord has to return the security deposit (or remainder thereof) within thirty (30) days, of fifteen (15) days if the tenant has informed them of a forwarding address.

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