Alabama General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


By completing the Alabama General (Financial) Power of Attorney, an individual that resides in the state can formally declare a person of their choosing as their “agent”, who will have the responsibility of handling finances of the person that completes the form. Depending on the needs of the principal (writer of the form), they may provide their agent with broad or very specific powers. Because the document isn’t designed for long-term estate planning, providing the agent with a few specific powers is the recommended approach. For example, if a person will be leaving on a trip for a few months and they need their rental properties handled, they can complete the general POA to give someone they trust the right to handle tasks as if it were them. The agent can be compensated for their duties if arranged by both parties. Should the agent wish to cease acting as an agent anytime anytime while the POA is active, they can reference § 26-1A-118 which covers the said matter in detail.

To nominate an agent with near-everlasting authority, download and complete the durable power of attorney form.

Laws: Title 26, Ch. 1A

Signing requirements (§ 26-1A-105): Signed by a Notary Public.