Connecticut General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


Use the Connecticut General (Financial) Power of Attorney (POA) to officially declare a friend or family member as your agent, who will be able to handle all (or an aspect) of your finances in your place. Unlike the majority of states, it is critical that the POA expressly provides that it will be terminated should the principal suffer from an event that leaves them unable to communicate with others. If not, the state law (§ 1-350c) dictates that its terms will be considered durable (i.e. continue in the event of the principal’s incapacity).

The form’s reaction to incapacitation makes it favorable for more short-term agent declarations. If for any reason, the principal needs to end the agreement, they can complete and distribute a revocation form, or they can complete and issue a new POA to supersede the previous version.


Laws: Ch. 15c

Signing requirements (§ 1-350d) – Requires the signatures of two (2) witnesses AND notarization.