Connecticut Limited Power of Attorney Form

A Connecticut Limited (Special) Power of Attorney is a legal form used by residents of Connecticut to empower someone they know and trust to carry out tasks and duties in their place. The form clearly states the manner and circumstances in which the agent can act on a principal’s behalf. The “principal” is the official term for the person that completes the form.

Per § 1-350m, once the agent agrees to act for the principal, they are bound by state law to act in the best interests of the principal at all times. This includes:

  • Limiting their decision(s) to what is stated in the POA only;
  • Maintaining diligent record keeping; and
  • Cooperating with any other agents as assigned by the principal.

Signing requirements (§ 1-350d): The principal’s signature must be:

  1. Witnessed by two (2) witnesses (who also sign the document); and
  2. Notarized.