Georgia Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Georgia limited power of attorney form consolidates the principal’s task-related needs and assigns a willing person to complete them. Although the principal’s requirements vary, each limited power of attorney form has a short duration. The document pertains to one-time responsibilities rather than recurring chores or duties. The principal can pay the agent for their services, but there are no laws stating they must compensate the individual.

Statutes: §§ 10-6B-1 to 10-6B-81

Signing Requirements: The form must be signed in the presence of a notary public and one (1) witness (§ 10-6B-5).

What is a Georgia Limited Power of Attorney?

A Georgia limited power of attorney is a universally used document that empowers a person to conduct errands and handle situations for another. It gives the assigned individual the ability to complete responsibilities in the principal’s name. When signing for the principal, the agent must initial next to the inscription to verify their identity.

Typical uses of this form include:

  • Making financial decisions;
  • Signing official legal documents (e.g., for real estate transfers, car sales, financial deals, etc.);
  • Picking up a package;
  • Dropping off a money deposit;
  • Taking out cash; and/or
  • Other relevant tasks.

When to Use a Georgia Limited Power of Attorney

It is appropriate to use a Georgia limited power of attorney when taking care of tasks that do not happen regularly. Going into the deal, both parties must understand that the document ends when the appointed individual completes the tasks, once it reaches a specific date, or the principal terminates it. The form also stops authorization if the principal becomes mentally ill or endures an injury that diminishes their ability to make competent decisions or communicate. A general power of attorney also operates in this capacity as it ends upon incapacitation.

The principal should fully trust the agent to handle the tasks with dignity by making the best decisions possible. Agents unsure of how to handle a situation must consult with the principal to ensure they make the correct choice. The representative must keep an organized pile of receipts, documents, or other paperwork involved in the assigned tasks if requested beforehand.

Sample Form

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