Kansas Durable Power of Attorney Form


The Kansas Durable Power of Attorney is a long-term estate planning form. You (the “principal”) use the form to give a person whom is close to you with the right to take care of your finances, assets, and properties when you no longer can yourself. It can only be completed if you are of sound mind. The amount of power that the agent receives is considerable, as they need to be able to move money and take care of any issues that may occur along the way. Out of all the form types, this is one of the most powerful.

What qualities make a great agent? Some include resourcefulness, a willingness to help, availability (should be located in the same city or town), and of course, trustworthiness. Completing the form is a very important task that should be taken seriously – while no one likes to think of end-of-life matters, by completing the form early, we know our hard-earned assets will be put to good use for those we care about in life.


Laws: § 58-654(a)

Signing requirements (§ 58-629): There are two requirements for signing, in that the principal has to have their signature 1) witnessed by two (2) witnesses, AND 2) notarized.