Kansas General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


Anyone can download the Kansas General (Financial) Power of Attorney to ascertain that their finances will be managed for a period of time when they won’t be able to oversee it themselves. The document is the more relaxed version of the durable POA, as it requires the principal to be in a healthy mental state in order for it to remain effective. It can be used by the principal for essentially any reason to recruit a friend or family to help with handling their assets/finances.


Example of using the form: Person “A” is an adult 32 years of age that resides in Wichita. They own several properties that they manage themselves. They will be leaving on a three (3) month trip to another country, and need someone to collect rent and sign leases while they’re gone. Their friend, person “B” is willing to do it for $500 a month. In order to give person “B” permission to conduct tasks in person “A”s name, person “A” completes the general power of attorney and signs it in front of two (2) non-related witnesses and a Notary Public.

The principal isn’t limited to nominating one (1) agent, as they can nominate several successor agents. Although only one (1) agent can act at the same time, per § 58-652.

Laws: Ch. 58, Art. 6

Signing requirements (§ 58-629): Once the form has been completed, the principal will need to sign it in view of both a Notary Public and two (2) witnesses.