Michigan Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Michigan limited power of attorney is a legal form that a principal creates to give an agent the authority to act in their place while performing various tasks. The document, being very specific, limits the agent in the duties they can carry out.  The principal must trust the agent to make the best decisions for the them.

Unlike medical and durable power of attorney forms, this document expires if the principal cannot make their own decisions. This situation often occurs when the person has an accident or falls ill, thus hindering their ability to be coherent.

The principal uses the form for singular, time-bound tasks. For instance, they could assign another person to pick up a package for them, sell their vehicle, or handle any other matters they could otherwise manage themselves.

Signing requirements (§ 700.5501(2)): Must be witnessed by two (2) people or signed in the presence of a Notary Public.