Missouri General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


One can download the Missouri General (Financial) Power of Attorney to bestow the rights to handle/make decisions regarding a person’s finances. Should someone be leaving the state due to vacation, work, or an emergency, they can ensure their business and/or personal assets remain under wraps by giving a person the right to handle their finances with the power of attorney. Ideally, the person selected should be comfortable signing documents, moving money, and other related tasks. Additionally, they should be someone that the principal can trust under all circumstances. If the principal is married, their spouse is a common choice. Alternatively, the principal can choose a sibling, cousin, child, or close friend.

The person they choose (the agent) needs to accept their nomination prior to signing the form. Sit down with them (or call) and explain everything they need to do. If possible, write down everything in a clear step-by-step format to remove as much confusion as possible. Finally, it’s necessary to understand the differences between the terms “durable” and “general” types of POA. This form is general; the durable type of power of attorney is very similar, but doesn’t end if you (the principal) suffer some form of mental incapacity. In other words, if you can’t speak to others, a durable POA would still remain in effect. With this type of POA, the agent’s powers would be revoked should incapacity occur.

Laws: §§ 404.700 to 404.737

Agent duties: § 404.714