Montana General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

The Montana General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a type of Power of Attorney that carries with it one notable caveat to the decision making powers an individual (the Principal) bestows to another party (the Agent). Namely, in a General POA, the Agent must immediately relinquish their title as an Agent and in turn cease use of any powers bestowed to them upon the Principal’s incapacity. If such circumstances do not eventuate, there will be no difference between how an Agent to a General POA wields their powers to an Agent to a Durable POA. As such, the type of POA the Principal chooses is up to their individual wishes.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (§ 72-31-305) – It is compulsory for a Montana General Power of Attorney to be be signed by the Principal (or by another individual in their conscious presence) before either a) a Notary Public or b) another individual who is legally empowered to take acknowledgements.