Montana General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


Download the Montana General (Financial) Power of Attorney to give another person temporary authority over all (or a portion of) your assets and finances. The document is used when a person anticipates being unavailable for a short to medium-length of time, typically under one (1) year. The document can be used for almost any circumstances, with the exception of those that relate to medical, tax, and motor-vehicle powers (as a specific form is required).

The contract is similar to the Durable POA, with the major difference being that this general form doesn’t remain in effect should the principal (you) suffer a medical emergency that leaves you unable to speak or communicate. In simple terms, this can be thought of as a “less serious” durable power of attorney. Keep in mind, however, that significant care should be taken in choosing an Agent, as they could be in a position of causing you serious financial harm should they be an ill-fit for the job. The form is a total of six (6) pages and requires notarization once complete. This can be done online (with a service like, or in-person at a local postal store or library.

Laws: Title 72, Ch. 31, Part 3

Signing requirements (§ 72-31-305) – The principal will need their signature to be notarized.

Learn about POAs in Montana: Montana Power of Attorney Guide (PDF)