Nebraska Durable Power of Attorney Form


The Nebraska Durable Power of Attorney is a form that enables a person the means of putting the right to manage their finances into someone else’s hands. Because the contract is of a durable nature, it is completed by those looking to make long term plans regarding their life. Even if someone is perfectly healthy, completing the form is a good idea, as no one knows when a medical emergency could arise. Additionally, if a person were to go into a coma (for example), that person’s family wouldn’t know what to do with their finances. The power of attorney lets the person that completes it (the principal) create clear-cut instructions for their agent, as well as specify what permissions they do and do not have. If the principal is looking to grant all-encompassing authority over their financial life, they can make their agent have “Grant of General Authority”, which is the official term found in Nebraska’s statutory power of attorney (§ 30-4041).

If you’re looking for a form to use for delegating more short-term financial matters, the general power of attorney form should be downloaded and completed.


Laws: § 30-4041

Signing requirements (§ 30-4005): Notarization is mandatory in order for it to be deemed valid in the eyes of Nebraska law.