Rhode Island Durable Power of Attorney Form


By completing the Rhode Island Durable Power of Attorney, you take an important step in securing your finances and protecting you and your family should you be unable to yourself (due to medical matters). With the printable form, you 1) choose the power(s) you want a person known as your “agent” to have, 2) you name your agent, and 3) sign the document (in front of a notary) to prove that you permit the agent to have the listed authority. It can only be used for things relating to finances – medical matters (such as giving a person the right to communicate for doctors on your behalf), are reserved for the Advance Directive.

The major difference between the general and the durable POA lies in the term of the agent’s powers. A general form terminates if the principal can’t communicate with others, whereas the durable form remains in effect until the principal’s death.

Laws: Ch. 18-16

Statutory form: § 18-16-2