Virginia Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Virginia limited power of attorney empowers an authorized person (the “agent”) to represent a principal in a restricted capacity. The tasks assigned by the principal are singular, meaning that they do not occur more than once. For instance, an agent may have to sell a piece of personal property for a principal. After the sale happens, the limited power of attorney ends, and the agent no longer has authority. If the principal wishes to assign long-term, reoccurring decision-making powers, they should use a durable or health care power of attorney instead.

A limited power of attorney can become valid on a date in the future (instead of on the day it is written). If it goes into effect later, the principal must enter the specific date in the form. The principal can also set an expiration date so that the agent has a timeline to complete the duties. If the principal becomes unable to make decisions independently, the form immediately ends, regardless of the agreed-upon dates (§ 64.2-1607).

Signing requirements (§ 64.2-1603): Notarization.