Washington Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Washington limited power of attorney authorizes a person (the agent) to represent another person (the principal) while carrying out one (1) or more specific actions for a certain amount of time. It has a short duration because it expires as soon as the tasks have been finished. When the principal is assigning the duties, they must be straightforward so that the agent is clear on what they need to accomplish. The agent is legally obligated to completing what is stated in the form to the best of their ability while keeping the principal’s wishes in mind.

If the needs are long-term or related to finances, a general power of attorney should be used. Health-related care is covered under a medical power of attorney and a durable power of attorney is completed for all decisions. Both last even if the principal dies or becomes incapacitated, whereas limited and general power of attorney forms end immediately.

Signing requirements (§ 11.125.050): The principal must sign in the presence of two (2) witnesses or be notarized.