Wisconsin Durable Power of Attorney Form


The Wisconsin Durable Power of Attorney gives you (the principal) the ability to provide a single person with the power to view, manage, and make decisions regarding your finances. From the day of signing, the agent’s power is indefinite (unless you manually revoke it using a revocation, or die). It is this permanence that makes the form “durable”, as it’s used for lifetime estate planning.


There are three (3) options for when the POA can go into effect: 1) immediately upon signing, 2) after a certain date, or 3) upon your incapacitation (in which it is known as a “springing” POA). The form isn’t for those that are near death, but for anyone of any adult age. It cannot be completed by someone that isn’t in a good state of mind however, as it can be argued that you didn’t know what you were signing. This is a good thing, as it protects you from someone taking advantage of you in an ill-mind or near-vegetative state and having you sign a POA you don’t understand.

Because this POA type is the most serious (other than the medical POA), it is only for delegating broad and permanent powers. If you only want to provide your agent with a few powers that only last for a short time, try the limited POA.

Laws: § 244.04

Signing requirements (§ 244.05): The principal’s signed name must be notarized.