Wyoming Durable Power of Attorney Form

A Wyoming Durable Power of Attorney is an official legal document used for empowering someone with decision-making authority over another person’s finances. The principal (person completing the form) can assign their agent (person being granted power) with authority over a range of topics, including the power to sign documents, conduct banking on their behalf, sell their property, and much more.

A durable POA differs from its general POA counterpart in that the powers granted to the agent remain in effect if the principal becomes incapacitated. Incapacitation is when the principal can no longer make decisions for themselves due to medical reasons. If the principal is looking to designate an individual with power over their healthcare decisions, an Advance Directive should be used.

Laws§ 3-9-104

Revocation of Power of Attorney Completed by the principal if they would like to terminate the agent’s power.