Wyoming Durable (Statutory) Power of Attorney Form

The Wyoming Durable (Statutory) Power of Attorney encompasses provisions that will allow for an individual to establish a durable type of Power of Attorney. Durable Power of Attorneys are those that do not terminate upon the Principal’s incapacity. To rephrase, the terms of the contract, and in turn, the Agent’s authority to act on behalf of the Principal, will continue just as they did prior to the Principal’s incapacity. This is not the only option available to a Principal, however. If a Principal would rather the entire Power of Attorney come to a halt if they become incapacitated, a General Power of Attorney is a more suitable alternative for them.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (§ 3-9-105) – In order to ensure the Durable Power of Attorney they enact is compliant with state law, the Principal’s signature (or that of the person they direct to sign their name in their conscious presence) on the Power of Attorney must be acknowledged before a Notary Public or another authorized individual.