Wyoming Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form


A Wyoming motor vehicle power of attorney gives the document’s creator the right to assign powers over their car or mobile home. The vehicle owner can request that another individual transfer the title, sell the vehicle, register it, or perform another related task. The form acts as a written record that 1) the motor vehicle owner willingly chose to delegate one or more motor vehicle tasks to another party to complete on their behalf, and 2) the other party willingly agreed to this arrangement.

To complete the form, the principal will need to:

  1. Write their name;
  2. The name of the agent they appoint;
  3. Check whether the vehicle is a mobile home or motor vehicle;
  4. Enter the year, make, body type, title number (#), and VIN of the car;
  5. Write their signature; and
  6. Enter their street address, city, state, & ZIP code

Signing requirements: Notarization required.