Nevada Bill of Sale Forms (5)


A Nevada bill of sale form proves that an item was acquired via lawful means. The document includes details about the seller, buyer, and third parties (if any) involved. It also contains a description of the object to identify it and prove the buyer obtained the item by cash, gift, or trade. The buyer can prove their ownership and handle official matters like vehicle registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with proper documentation.


  • Both parties must complete a trailer bill of sale form, which is needed for registration.
  • Buyers must have a criminal and mental health check before purchasing a gun.
  • Residents must use the approved state form for vehicle transactions.

Types (5)

Boat Bill of SaleA form used by two parties to record the transfer of a boat in writing.

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Firearm Bill of SaleOfficially moves gun ownership from a merchant to a purchaser.

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General Bill of SaleProvides documentation of the transfer method and information of all parties involved when buying or selling an item of value.

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Motor Vehicle Bill of SaleA document completed during a car, truck, or van purchase or sale.

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Trailer Bill of Sale – Officially gives a buyer possession of a utility trailer.

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Signing Requirements

Bill of Sale TypeBuyer SignatureSeller SignatureNotarization
BoatRequiredRequiredNot required
FirearmRequiredRequiredNot required
General (others)RequiredRequiredNot required
Motor VehicleRequiredRequiredNot required
TrailerRequiredRequiredNot required

What is a Nevada Bill of Sale?

A Nevada bill of sale illustrates the business contract between a buyer and seller. It records essential information about the purchase to prove a change of possession happened.

The seller cannot claim ownership or revoke the sale once they sign the form. Generally, a bill of sale prevents miscommunication between the buyer and seller because it outlines the exact terms of the agreement. By signing, they acknowledge the information in the document and verify it as accurate.

An owner can do the following with a bill of sale:

  • Use the form as proof of ownership;
  • Re-sell the item;
  • Exchange the personal property for something of similar value; and/or
  • Gift the object to another person.

Registration Forms: Boats

Visit a local Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) Office to register the vessel.

  • Bill of Sale – Provides the NDOW with information about the sale of the vessel.
  • Payment – The boat’s length impacts the registration fees. Additional costs apply for replacements or a new title.
  • Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Sticker – The state requires boat owners to obtain a sticker to protect Nevada lakes, ponds, and rivers. Owners can pay online and, once received, must display the sticker to show they have paid for it.
  • Title – For out-of-state boats and renewals only.
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) – For new boats only. If the MSO is not available, the owner must have the vessel inspected by NDOW.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) – The owner must present their SSN card or an official government document that includes the number.

Registration Forms: Firearms

Firearm registration and purchases to permit or own laws do not apply in Nevada. Guns transfers can occur privately without the need for a background check on the buyer. Federal firearm dealers, however, must conduct checks on clients. All sellers, regardless of being public or private, must know that the purchaser is not a criminal, does not have mental challenges, and will not use the firearm in an unethical manner. Applicants must send the required paperwork and payment to their local sheriff’s office.

  • Application – The applicant must obtain this form from their county sheriff.
  • Payment – Nevada does not charge a general fee as they leave the costs up to the county’s discretion.
  • Identification (ID) – Each county requires individuals to present a driver’s license or state ID. If the person was born outside of the US, they need additional documentation, such as a passport, green card, or visa. Military applicants must show their ID or orders.
  • Firearm Training Certification – Once the student completes the course, they obtain a signed certificate, which they must present to the sheriff’s office.
  • Fingerprints – The person applying must have their fingerprint scanned at an approved location. They must pay the standard rate for this service.

Registration Forms: Vehicles

Schedule a registration appointment with a nearby DMV office.

Registration Forms: Trailers

Nevada requires the titling and registration of utility trailers, regardless of their weight class. The DMV handles all trailer-related matters.

  • Bill of Sale – A buyer and seller sign this form to approve the details provided therein.
  • Application for Vehicle Registration (Form VP222) – The owner must complete this document by including their personal information and the trailer’s number, year, make, model, and unladen weight.
  • Identification (ID) – For the verification of the owner’s credentials.
  • Payment – The fees that a trailer owner must pay to register their unit.

Additional (Optional) Documents

NDOW Offices: By Region

Headquarters(775) 688-1500

6980 Sierra Center Pkwy #120

Reno, NV 89511

Western Region(775) 688-1506

1100 Valley Road

Reno, NV 89512

Southern Region(702) 486) 5127

3373 Pepper Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89120

Eastern Region(775) 777-2300

60 Youth Center Road

Elko, NV 89801

Fallon(775) 423-3171

380 West B. Street

Fallon, NV 89406

Winnemucca(775) 623-6565

705 E. 4th Street, Suite A

Winnemucca, NV 89445

Ely Field Office(775) 289-1655 ext. 21

1218 N. Alpha Street

Ely, NV 89301