Freelance Journalist Invoice Template


When it’s time to charge a client, the Freelance Journalist Invoice Template is the ideal document for independent journalists. Use the form to send detailed and organized bills that clearly convey the time spent into writing and reporting stories. Whether the freelancer bills by the hour or by the article, this highly versatile document provides a concise picture of the work that has been done.

What do Freelance Journalists Do?

What separates freelance journalists from standard journalists is that freelancers are self-employed contractors that can work for several different publications once or many times. Instead of being employed by a single publication like many journalists, freelancers choose which publication to work for on a fixed contract basis.

This allows them to have very flexible schedules and establish themselves as their own brand. Freelance journalists have much more creative liberty in how they write their editorials and what they write about. These journalists typically occupy a niche in which they’re knowledgeable and familiar with reporting. For example, some freelance journalists specialize in the music industry, politics, business, or sports.

Many freelance journalists also have their own websites or blogs where they display their portfolio and report news relevant to their interests.