Doctor (Physician) Invoice Template


doctor invoice is a form used by a medical professional to charge patients for health-related care. The type of medical assistance that a patient receives determines the amount that they owe. Extensive services that require more equipment and time cost more money than quick consultations.

The physician’s office uses current procedural terminology (CPT) codes (five (5) digit, universal numbers) to represent the type of appointment that occurred. The staff writes the applicable CPT code under the “Description” section of the invoice and includes the service cost. 

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How to Charge for Medical Services

The doctor’s office sets its pricing model based on the type of patient (first-time or established), level of care, and administrative fees. Other factors, like location, experience, and building costs, impact the overall price, as well.

Billing typically occurs immediately or within one (1) to two (2) weeks after the appointment. If the patient has medical coverage, the office must bill the insurance company directly. Otherwise, the patient must pay the total amount before the due date (unless they have established a payment plan with the doctor’s office). Doctors who do not receive payment on time can send the bill to collections. 

Listed below are common physician services and their average cost:

  • Doctor’s office: $265
  • Primary care/family medicine: $186
  • Pediatrics: $169
  • Psychologist: $159
  • Dermatology: $268
  • OB/GYN: $280
  • Ophthalmology: $307
  • Orthopedics: $419
  • Cardiology: $335
  • Other Specialists: $365