Alabama Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


The Alabama month-to-month lease agreement, also known as a “tenancy at will” or “rental agreement”, is a lease contract that allows either the landlord or tenant to terminate the lease with only thirty (30) days’ notice. If the agreement is less than one (1) month, the parties must give each other seven (7) days’ notice. With every payment by the tenant, the lease automatically renews for an additional thirty (30) days. The contract is often favored by landlords who cannot rent out their property for an entire year. Due to the increased risk landlords face with the agreement-type, rent is almost always higher than what would be charged for a standard lease.

Alabama Lease Termination Letter (eForms) – Used by either party to notify the other of their intent to end the lease agreement.

State Laws

Statute: § 35-9A-441

Required Notice to Terminate: Either the landlord or tenant has to provide a minimum of thirty (30) days’ notice.

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