Texas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


A Texas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is a form used by homeowners and property managers for outlining conditions that permit a tenant with the right to reside in a rental property on a monthly basis. Monthly leases differ from standard leases in that there is no formal end-date. Rather, the agreement is ended by delivering a written termination notice to the other party. Per Texas law, either the landlord or tenant(s) have to give a notice of at least thirty (30) days in advance of the termination date.

While the form offers parties considerably more freedom than yearly leases provide, the monthly lease still contains many of the same sections. The form allows landlords to specify the date in which the lease will begin, how much rent per month the tenant(s) must pay, the rules of termination, how utilities will be paid, how damage/repairs are handled, and much more. Prior to signing a lease, the tenant(s) should be screened by using a rental application (below). This allows the tenant(s) to be comprehensively screened for signs that would point to them being an unfavorable tenant.

State Laws

Statute: § 91.001

Required Notice to Terminate: The date in the termination letter must be one (1) month after the day the notice is given by the landlord or tenant(s). A different termination date can be provided so long it’s at least one (1) month away.

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