Alaska Real Estate Power of Attorney Form


The Alaska Real Estate Power of Attorney is a contract used for nominating an individual with the power to represent the principal (creator of the document) in a variety of situations, including the signing of documents regarding the purchase or sale of a property, the management of rental properties, or the refinancing of a home. The principal will want to choose their agent with care; someone that is trustworthy and knowledgable about the tasks they were entrusted with is essential—as the wrong agent could cause significant damage to a principal’s finances. If the principal suspects the agent is doing any wrongdoing at any time for whatever reason, he or she can utilize a revocation of power of attorney, which is a simple legal document that immediately terminates the principal-agent relationship.

Before putting the real estate POA into effect, it’s important that the principal take the time to select the correct option(s) (of the four provided). The options afforded to the principal include 1) purchase of property, 2) sale of the principal’s property, 3) management of the property, and 4) the refinancing of the property.