Alabama Durable Power of Attorney Form


An Alabama durable power of attorney designates a person (the agent) with the right to handle another person’s financial and estate matters (the principal). The form can be made to take effect upon signing, or after a specific event known as “incapacitation”.

The main difference between a durable and a non-durable POA is that the durable form does not terminate for any reason, unless the principal manually revokes it, or they pass away. The individual the principal selects to perform as their agent can be anyone of legal age, with friends and family members being a common choice.

Terminating a POA: Alabama Revocation of Power of Attorney

Types (3)

Laws: § 26-1A-104

Signing Requirements (§ 26-1A-105): Must be signed by both the principal and a Notary Public.

Agent’s Certification (PDF | Word): A form that must be completed and attached to the completed POA per § 26-1A-302.

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