Idaho Limited Power of Attorney Form


An Idaho limited power of attorney is a form that is used by a person (named the “principal”) to give another person (named the “agent”) legal power to represent them when completing various tasks. This includes managing real estate, transferring a vehicle title, handling tax-related matters, and much more. It is more restricted than a general power of attorney as it requires the agent to complete specific tasks by a certain date.

This document lasts for a short period of time and has more restrictions than durable or medical power of attorney forms. It becomes null if the principal cannot make decisions for themselves due to an accident or mental illness. If the principal becomes incapacitated while this form is active, a physician, licensed psychologist, licensed attorney at law, or another authorized person must confirm their mental status in writing (§ 15-12-109).

A limited power of attorney becomes active once the principal completes and signs it. They must appoint an agent and specify the exact tasks that they’d like them to carry out. Since the agent has the ability to act in the principal’s place, it is important that they are trustworthy and responsible. For this reason, the principal typically chooses a family member or close friend.

Through the act of signing, the agent agrees to perform the tasks as requested in the form. No matter the circumstances, they must always act in the principal’s best interest. In addition, they assume all liability for any negligent decisions that they make while carrying out the duties. If the principal no longer needs the tasks completed or feels that the agent is acting out of scope, they can release them from having power.

Signing requirements (§ 15-12-105): The form must be notarized.