Idaho Limited Power of Attorney

An Idaho Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) is used by residents of Idaho (the “Principal”) to give an individual (the “Agent”) legal power to represent them in unique situations. A principal may create this document to allow an agent to manage their property, transfer their vehicle title, or handle their tax-related matters. An LPOA differs from a Power of Attorney (POA) as it is time-bound and requires the agent to complete tasks by a specified date. It terminates once the duties have been carried out or the document expires. The principal can also retract the agent’s access at any time using a revocation form.

When a principal gives an agent power, they are trusting them to make the best choices possible. Agents must respect this boundary and consider how their decisions can have a long-term impact. To take precautions, the principal should use specific language in the document. It will also ensure that the agent does not abuse their power.

Signing requirements (§ 15-12-105): The form is only valid upon notarization.